Do you want to make a positive dent in the world?

Are you ready to jump in and create a business that matters? 


Working together with a small cohort of like-minded people, this hands-on course will take you from first spark to launching your social impact start up. 

Whether you have an idea already or you just know deep down you need to do something with more impact, this is for you.


You may have a full time job and want to test out your idea on the side. Or you may be ready to go all in.  


Life's too short not to jump in with two feet. 


"In a time of a lot of uncertainty and rapid change, Janine has helped us to push our thinking and framed it to give us real clarity. Her expertise enabled us to think differently about our biggest proposition and commercial challenges."

Emily Cummins - CEO and Co-Founder Untangle

12 weeks




1:1 Coach

Within 3 months you can go from idea to be ready to launch

You will be guided through 9 online modules of content
to do at your pace. 

You'll be learning from inspirational experts who have already taken the leap to successfully set up their social impact businesses 

A private community of peers will be there to collaborate and support you on your adventure

You will have

bi-weekly coaching sessions with me for bespoke business advice

Where will you be at the end of this adventure? You'll have:

  • A fantastic grip of your unique strengths and how to build an entrepreneurial mindset

  • An innovation toolkit to set your new social impact business for success

  • The comforting hug and the occasional push from a group of fellow founders and access to on-going community 

  • Passion and confidence to pitch your business idea to customers, partners and funders

  • Great memories of doing something new in your life

  • The self belief to make the next step to take control of your life


"We were also aware of the limit of our internal capabilities, so we needed to find a partner that was willing to innovate with us – we spoke to many agencies; most were monolithic in their working practices. Janine was different. Jump in Puddles were simply motivated by our mission. This freed everyone up to innovate to a solution and work as team and avoid the usual limitations of a transactional business relationship. 

Knowing who we are and being clear on our space, means we can look at the market objectively and not get stuck in the cul de sac of organisational doubt!"


Helen Fisher CEO and Founder, Tasting Colours 

The first Jump Start programme is planned for July 2021. Ready for a new adventure? 

The first 12 week programme will kick off on June 1st 2021. Do you want to be a pioneer Jump Starter?   

Programme Outline

Module 1

Getting Prepared

In this module you will meet the other founders, identify your goals, strengths and assets and learn how to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset  

Module 2

Set your challenge

You will learn about the key elements of the innovation process and define the social challenge you want to solve

Define and understand

In this two-week module, you will conduct your own research to identify the problem and pain points of your future customers

Module 4

Create your business idea

This is now the time to create ideas and refine and prioritise 

your final business proposition 

New Business Model

This will teach you how to create and interrogate your initial business model 

Module 5

Creating your MVP

Its important to test your assumptions quickly and cheaply, so you will learn how to create a Minimum Viable Product 

Module 6
Module 3


Now you have a business idea, you will create your marketing plan including determining your best channels and creating a brand blue print

The boring but important bits

This critical module ensures you are set up for success including identifying what type of company you want to set up

Module 8
Module 7
Module 9

Review and commitments

As the course ends, this gives you a chance to reflect on your experiences and make a future action plan